5 stunning waterfalls in Asia

The towering Nachi Falls captured from the viewing platform at the nearby pagoda. Pic: Asia Tour Package

WATERFALLS make up some of the most amazing sights in Asia. A region of incredible natural beauty, Asia is host to a wide range of falls. 

Here are five you should include in your must-see list.

Nachi Falls, Japan

The Nachi Falls and pagoda together create an image of stateliness and serenity. The falls run over a craggy mountainside, and from the pagoda, visitors can snap photos of the mesmerizing scene beyond. The waterfall is 133 meters high and is the longest drop in the country, according to a tourism site for Wakayama, the prefecture in which the Nachi falls are located.

Huangguoshu Falls, China

Pic: China Tour Advisors

Pic: China Tour Advisors

This Guizhou landmark is one of the highest waterfalls in East Asia, standing at 243 feet. According to China.org, it is also significant in Chinese culture, as it is heavily referenced in Journey to the West, a classic piece of Chinese literature. Visitors can step behind the curtain of water and see the waterfall from the other side, and feel the rush of standing in Water Curtain Cave. There are also hiking trails around the waterfall, convenient for exploring the area.

Yinlianzhuitan Waterfalls, China

Pic: GuangJoe

Pic: GuangJoe

Conveniently situated in Huangguoshu National Park, Yinlianzhuitan is remarkable for the way the water rushes over a cluster of rocks, rather than as a straight sheet of water. It’s not as large or as well-known as Huangguoshu, but you certainly won’t want to miss an opportunity to snap some photos of this one. It’s a nice change of pace to the other falls on this list.

Tad Fan Waterfalls, Laos

Named by Matador Network as one of the spectacular waterfalls in the world, it’s easy to see why the Tad Fan falls were giving that distinction. These falls look like what you’d imagine a jungle paradise to be – two columns of water rushing into a gorge, all surrounded by lush greenery. The Tad Fane Resort overlooks the falls, so book a stay there and wake up to this beauty every morning.

Bua Tong Waterfall, Thailand

Pic: Citizine Beta

Pic: Citizine Beta

Also known as the Sticky Waterfall, Bua Tong located outside the northern city of Chiang Mai is remarkable not for its size but for the fact that you can actually climb up the falls. The limestone deposits over the water which makes it slightly sticky, rather than slippery. Ropes are provided at the top where moss makes the falls more slick and dangerous. It’s a bizarre sensation to scramble up the rocks as the water cascades down, not to mention a total rush.