Asians willing to pay for in-flight broadband, survey says

A RECENT survey has revealed that 90 percent of passengers from the Asia-Pacific would choose an airline based on the availability of on-board connectivity.

The survey, conducted by British telecommunications company Immarsat, also exposed that 67 percent of passengers are willing to pay for in-flight broadband.

Of the 9,000 respondents involved in the survey, only 16 percent and 18 percent of short-haul and long-haul flights prefer in-flight entertainment as an on-board service.

The survey also found that business travelers are more likely to recognize the value of high-speed broadband on flights, as 74 percent of those questioned indicated that they are willing to pay more for internet compared to 62 percent of leisure travelers.

Meanwhile, Gogo is scheduled to roll out new technology to provide 20 times the bandwidth provided on commercial airline.

The new service will transform aviation entertainment and communications so passengers can stream video, social media and other internet services in-flight.

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