Face of India’s most famous film star painted on AirAsia aircraft

RAJINIKANTH –  the Chuck Norris of India and the country’s most recognized film star – may just be the only Indian actor who could have his face emblazoned across the body of an aircraft.

Ahead of the release of the actor’s latest blockbuster Kabali, AirAsia chose to ride on the film’s wave by rebranding four of its aircrafts with promotional material of the film.

In a press statement, AirAsia India said, “Bearing the image of Rajinikanth from the movie Kabali, parts of the aircraft have been painted with the livery.”

The aircrafts will fly across the AirAsia India network of destinations including Bengaluru, New Delhi, Goa, Pune, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Vizag and Kochi.

On top of that, AirAsia has also planned a special flight for fans from Bengaluru to catch the first-day-first-show screening of the film in Chennai.

Kabali – largely filmed in Malaysia – has been heavily hyped by fans in the last few months, and is set to break box office records when released in cinemas on July 15.

CEO of AirAsia India Amar Abrol said, “This is AirAsia’s way of paying tribute to the one and only superstar in the country.” The airline is also offering promotional ‘Fly like a Superstar’ fares until July 3 for travel into India.

AirAsia isn’t the only brand jumping on the Kabali bandwagon. Large brands like Cadbury 5 Star, Airtel, Amazon, ShopCJ have tied in with producers, which is predicted to rake in up to US$600,000 in revenue for film distributors.

The 65-year-old Rajinikanth – aka Thalaivar or leader – is a mega superstar in India who has starred in over 100 blockbusters in the last four decades. His network of fans in India and around the globe is far superior than that of any other actor in India’s multi-billion-dollar film industry.