This hidden eco resort in Pokhara is one of the world’s greenest hotels

The resort is nestled in a valley surrounded by farmland

ARCHITECTURE and design magazine Perspective has awarded Nepali architect Alex Shrestha as one of the year’s “40 under 40” for his design of the stunning The Pavilions Himalayas in Pokhara.

Alex’s creation was commended as the first self-sustaining eco project in Nepal and one of the few environmentally-friendly resorts in all of south Asia.

The Hong Kong-based magazine also said that the eco-friendly design will set an unprecedented new standard in the hospitality industry and will serve as an inspiration for future resorts to come.

Spread over organic farmland, the high-end boutique retreat that started operating late last year is set in a hideaway valley nestled within forested hills and mountain-fed lakes.

Travel Daily News reports that the resort runs mostly on solar power from a solar array on the roof, recycles its waste water, uses biogas for cooking and grows most of its own food.

Besides that, a quarter of the water used for running the hotel is harvested rain, and used water from sinks and showers is filtered into flush tanks.

Sewage pipes also empty into a large underground biogas digester, where it mixes with farm manure to generate cooking gas for the kitchen, generating the equivalent of eight gas cylinders a week.

Meanwhile, walls and ceilings are well insulated, which means that temperatures stay the same even in the peak of summer, eliminating the need for air-conditioning.

Alex also took it a step further by integrating the resort into the landscape’s natural contours without causing much disturbance to its surroundings and nearby villages. He built the resort using local materials that include stones hewn on site, slate roofing from the valley and interiors by local craftsmen.

Not only is the resort a gold standard for sustainable tourism, it also generates 70 percent of its profits into charity projects for disadvantaged children.

Here’s a sneak peek of the resort:

Pavilions Himalayas 3

Pavilions Himalayas 4

Pavilions Himalayas 5

Pavilions Himalayas 2

Pavilions Himalayas 6