This new app by Yahoo wants to be your smart travel guide

THE recently launched Radar by Yahoo is a new app that’s designed to act as a smart travel guide and assistant for travelers.

The app uses machine learning to gather the most relevant travel information for travelers based on their personal preferences and date of travel. This way, the more you use the app, the more accurate the app’s personal recommendations.

The app might pull in information that includes attractions and sights, shopping districts, great restaurants and must-see events. You can also build your own travel bucket lists and tick the items off as you travel.

What sets Radar apart from other travel apps is its ability to pull in trip itineraries, reservations and relevant travel information from Yahoo Mail.

In a statement that describes the app, users simply need to sign into Yahoo Mail and Radar will use the upcoming flight, hotel and rental car confirmation receipts in their inbox to help them get organized for the trip.

If your flight is delayed or your airport gate changes, the app will send through alerts without you having to log into your email account. Plus, the chatbot-like interface is designed to make communication through the app more personal.

For users that don’t use Yahoo Mail, a new feature was added so that Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and AOL users can also link their email accounts to Yahoo Mail.

At time of writing, the app is only available for download on iOS.

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