Terrifying cliff in China is the world’s most dangerous place to take a selfie

Mount Hua features a dangerous “plankwalk” with only a foot-wide wooden plank for hikers to walk on. Pic: Unboundly Inc./YouTube

AN extraordinarily steep cliff in China is gaining traction on social media as one of the most dangerous climbs in the world.

Mount Hua in Huayin within the Shaanxi province is over 7,000 feet high and is among the five sacred peaks in the province. The trails up the cliff involve steep staircases, vertical ascends, and the most frightening of them, a narrow set of wooden platforms bolted to the mountain.

The wooden platforms – often known as the “plankwalk in the sky” – are only one-foot wide and snakes around a vertical cliff. A walk on these planks have hikers taking small steps while facing the cliff as they literally live life on the edge.

The path has no handrails for climbers to grip on to but a thick chain nailed to the mountain face help to guide them. During all phases of the climb, hikers are encouraged to use their own harnesses and safety gear.

On the planks, daredevil hikers can be seen taking selfies with the mountainous range as a backdrop, some who stretch out an arm to hold up selfie sticks. Bear in mind that hikers also have to endure two-way traffic. 

This video below shows a hiker doing the plankwalk without a harness:

And here are a bunch of selfies that have been documented by adrenaline-seeking hikers:

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