Tinder for airports: New app helps passengers find love while waiting for flights

IF you’ve ever been alone and lonely in an airport waiting lounge, a new app has been designed to make the most of the situation.

Smartphone app btrfly allows users to connect, chat and meet up with other travelers scheduled on the same flight or with those who are simply passing through the airport on transit.

To sign in and connect with other travelers through in-app messaging, users need to tap in their flight details. Through the app, travelers can see other users who are in the vicinity as well as their flight details to gauge the time they have left in the airport before boarding.

Plus, travelers can make new friendly connections if flying solo, catch up with old friends, or establish new business contacts. Users could even coordinate flight seat arrangements or plan to split a cab at their destination if they wanted to.

The app can also be used to meet business associates

The app can also be used to meet business associates

The app’s description reads: “Whether you are a business traveler en route to a conference or a music fan headed to a festival looking to make new friends before the event and maybe even share a cab from the airport, btrfly brings people together”.

CEO Cenk Gurz told The Independent, “As a frequent traveler, I have met all kinds of people at airports, and even come across a few great opportunities with interesting strangers”.

btrfly aims to provide travelers with a tool that takes the awkwardness out of meeting strangers while traveling.

Although the app uses the same model as other dating apps like Tinder and happn, btrfly might gain an edge because of its airport- and flight-specific features. Plus, the app is not solely designed for dating.

At the moment, the app is covered at 380 airports around the world and is available on iOS and Android.