More business travelers using Uber and Grab to move around

Uber and Grab are taking off as the preferred mode of transport for business travelers. Pic: Uber

A RECENT study found that ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft have surpassed taxis as the preferred mode of transportation among business travelers.

The study – conducted by online travel and expense management service provider Certify – said that both Uber and Lyft contributed to 49 percent of ground transportation in 2016 in the US. Meanwhile, taxi ridership is hit by a 51 percent decline in the last two years.

The study analyzed more than 10 million business travel receipts and expenses to collect the data, and has been studying the emerging ride-hailing growth trend among American business travelers since the first quarter of 2014.

Meanwhile, in Asia, Uber rival Grab has been gaining grounds in the market, and is beating Uber in its chase for new users. The Singapore-based start-up operates in 30 southeast Asian cities in six countries, twice as many cities as Uber.

In China, Uber recently announced its “all-in-one-solution” in the form of two new services, UberLIFE and Uber+Travel, both which will be rolled out this year.

Uber+Travel aims to help users who are traveling overseas by connecting them to everything they might need transport-wise, from boats to air balloons. The extension should come in handy for inbound business travelers.

Uber also inked a software deal with Concur Technologies Inc., a travel and expense management company, to make it easier for companies to create Uber accounts for employees and track their spending.