Escape Bali’s tourist traps with this new local driver service

Travel to off-the-beaten-track places in Bali with the new local driver service. Pic: JasonParis/flickr

IT’S difficult to separate the tourist traps from the local gems when traveling in a new destination by taxi.

Routive – a new startup based in London founded by Maria González Iglesias and Gabriel Dominguez Blanco –  is aimed at providing travelers an authentic experience through its hired personal driver service.

Currently operating in Bali, the service sees local English-speaking drivers taking travelers on half-day, full-day or airport trips. Along the way, drivers will provide travelers with recommendations of off-the-beaten-track places to see as well as under-the-radar restaurants.

Despite drivers fixing their own rates, the platform promises that they stick to local market rates to avoid travelers getting ripped off. An average of US$50 will buy you full-day transport service with a friendly local driver.

Just like other hired transport services like Uber, the app allows users to rate and comment on the drivers. Once you choose a driver based on your favorite profile, you’re required to send details of your trip to the platform so that a more curated experience can be arranged.

The service is focused in Bali at the moment, but will soon operate in Cambodia and Thailand before a gradual expansion across southeast Asia.