This handy travel app will help you pack and launder your clothes

Take the stress out of packing for business trips with this app

A NEW travel startup has designed an app to help travelers with the most tedious part of traveling – packing.

Catered to business travelers, DUFL helps users pack, ship, clean and store their business attire. This way, corporate travelers get to travel bag-free on their business trip, saving them the hassle of baggage handling.

Upon creating a user account, the DUFL team will send you a large suitcase to fill with clothes that you’d typically wear on a business trip. The team will then collect, inventory, photograph and store your clothes for your next trip.

When you’re scheduled to go on a trip, simply select the clothes you want to bring along on the app’s virtual closet, and enter your destination and flight details.

Once you reach your destination, you’ll find your clothes already pressed, folded and organized in your hotel room. Full-size toiletries will also be packed in.

After your trip, the suitcase will be shipped back to the DUFL warehouse to be stored for your next trip. If you’re anxious about being separated with your favorite pieces of clothing, simply use the app to select the items you want to be delivered back to your home.

CEO Bill Rinehart said, “A user doesn’t have to be away from his clothing any longer than he wants to be.” He added that some customers are actually buying special clothes just for their DUFL wardrobe.

At the moment, DUFL targets business travelers, executives and celebrities who fork out about US$99 for each trip.

Bill said, “Our users say it saves them money. They don’t have to pay baggage fees, and they don’t have to pay for dry cleaning.”

Plus, travelers are often treated to little surprises in their luggage such as Kind Bars, Alford & Hoff fragrances, as well as haircare and skincare products from Kevin.Murphy and Sunology.

At time of publish, the app is available to users in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Melboune.

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