This Hong Kong hotel has jumped on the Pokémon GO bandwagon

Ovolo Southside is now Pokémon-friendly. Pic: TripAdvisor

THE Pokémon GO craze isn’t going anywhere, with more hotels and restaurants cashing in on the game’s massive popularity by offering character lures.

Ovolo Southside in Hong Kong follows in the footsteps of Australia’s Mantra Group by becoming the first hotel in the country to embrace the augmented reality game.

The six-week luring campaign will see the hotel and its surrounding area populated with a range of Pokémon characters including Drowzees, Clefairies, Poliwags and Psyducks from 2pm to 10pm every day.

Pokémon is said to drain your phone battery in a matter of just two hours but at Ovolo guests can make use of the charging zones in the hotel’s restaurant and rooftop bar. The stations are equipped with two-meter Android and iPhone cables, both for free use.

Plus, the hotel’s bar has concocted a range of Pokémon-themed cocktails inspired by the game’s characters. Sip on drinks with catchy titles such as The Pikacho, The Charmelon, The Snorelax and The Jigglypop.

It doesn’t stop there; the hotel is also offering fans incentives and prizes to keep them coming back. Beginners who have caught their first 15 Pokémon around the city are entitled to a 15 percent discount at the hotel bistro as well as a 30 percent discount at the hotel bar.

Additionally, more expert trainers who have caught their first 20 to 50 Pokémon will receive a complimentary one-night stay when they book a night at Ovolo, and the hotel will also throw in a free upgrade and a welcome Pokémon cocktail.

Plus, the first Hong Kong player to catch all 142 Pokémon and snap a photo of themselves at the hotel will win a two-night stay in the hotel’s Long Loft suite, as well as enough app store credit for 5,200 Pokecoins.

Last week, Mantra 2 Bond Street in Sydney cashed in on the craze by offering free lures and encouraging players to “Pokestop by the Bar”.

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