Business travelers in Singapore can ‘purchase’ luxury experiences on new platform

Luxury experiences like stays at The Banyan Tree are offered by Sky Premium. Pic: Banyan Tree Ungasan

SKY PREMIUM INTERNATIONAL, the premium membership services club, has launched in Singapore, and with it, many personalized luxury experiences and privileges exclusive to members.

These “The Good Life” experiences cover dining, wellness and travel whether they be in the form of a fine dining meal, a luxury cruise to the Antarctica, or invites to closed-door events and product launches.

A member services team is present to assist members in customizing their itinerary, ranging from help with recommendations to reservation services.

A panel of advisers including influencers Allan Wu and Tan Min-Li will help to narrow down luxury merchants for the site.

Some of the brands that have collaborated with Sky Premium to be featured on the site are FJ Benjamin, Karma Resorts, The Unlisted Collection, and Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts.

If you’re keen for membership, simply apply on the site and await approval.