Cambodia to woo long-stay travelers with new three-year visa

Tourists from all countries will be allowed three-year visas into Cambodia. Pic: EyeofJ/flickr

IN a bid to meet an annual goal of seven million travelers by 2020, the Cambodian government will soon introduce three-year visas for foreigners from all countries.

Tourism Minister Thong Khon said that the multiple-entry visa application will be available from September 1 to foreigners.

Khon added, “They can apply for a visa in Cambodia and can travel in and out many times according to the visa they apply for. Tourists and investors can apply for a two-year stay or three-year stay with multiple entries.”

The new visa is part of a government strategy to encourage foreigners to stay in the country for extended periods of time.

According to TTR Weekly, retirees and long-stay travelers who have adequate means of support are considerable spenders, as are similar sectors in Thailand.

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The site also reported that increased surveillance and tightened regulations in Thailand could bring about more tourists into Cambodia, especially with visas for extended stays.

Ho Vandy, secretary-general of Cambodia’s National Tourism Alliance, said the move to extend visas was part of a strategy to develop the country’s tourism sector.

He added, “It would really help to encourage both tourists and investors, and foreigners who provide training and work in social development to come to Cambodia.”

Cambodia predicts to attract about 7.5 million tourists by 2020, which the ministry claims will generate USD$5 billion in tourism revenues, and create over one million jobs.

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