Your days of lugging heavy luggage are over with new ‘stair-climbing’ suitcase

Traxpack can be effortlessly rolled up or down stairs. Pic: Traxpack

LUGGING heavy bags up a flight of stairs is a literal stumbling block that most travelers are all too familiar with. 

Traxpack is a new “smart” bag fitted with a “dynamic self-adjusting track system” for you to effortlessly roll your bag up or down a set of stairs.

Similar to the technology used in military tanks, the cases’ “tank tracks” allow for complete control over your bags.

“No matter how you twist or turn it, you’ll be able to take Traxpack along for the ride,” co-founder Richard Braddock said. “You can pull it, you can push, it you can ride it on your side – you literally have full, 360-degree control over your bag.”

“Most suitcases all have a straight handle; we have both a vertical handle and a tilted handle, and what that tilted handle does is it makes the maneuverability much more enhanced.”

The tilted handles are not just for easy maneuvering; they can also be used as a tablet stand, especially useful during a long airport layover.

Besides being the world’s first “stair-climbing” luggage, the case is also fitted with a GPS tracking system than can be synced with your phone. This will come in handy if you’ve left your bags unmanned.

The built-in weight scale will also help with strains at the check-in counter, while the built-in charging system can be used to power up your laptops, phones and tablets when on the move.

The bags – built in various sizes – are available for pre-orders and prices start from US$515 for a single carry-on bundle suitcase with a 10-year warranty.

Last month, Modobag, the world’s first rideable suitcase was introduced, and it enables travelers to sit on and ride their bags through the airport.

Travelers can sit on the “smart” battery-operated luggage and get to their airport gates three times faster than if they had to walk.

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