This ethereal town in India is an alternative romantic spot for your next #baecation

Udaipur is a great romantic city for the alternative couple. Pic: Laura Zera

WHAT makes for a romantic holiday? The criteria vary couple to couple; some prefer isolated islands, some like to wander about busy cities, while others like to spend time in towns rich in history.

However, are more couples turning away from the romantic ideals of Paris, Venice and the Maldives?

To challenge the more customary measures of what makes a romantic vacation, online travel agency compiled a list of alternative romantic spots around the world, all of which were endorsed by their “young couple” consumers.

In the place of popular honeymoon islands in Thailand and the Philippines, India’s Udaipur emerged as one of the most romantic spots to holiday.

City Palace in Udaipur is a grand structure. Pic: Laura Zera quoted Udaipur as the most romantic city in India, if not the world.

“Right at its heart lies the glassy blue surface of Lake Pichola, a man-made lake that lends the city an ethereal and peaceful presence,” it said.

“Perched in the middle is the Lake Palace and on one side, City Palace; both grand and beguiling structures.Take a romantic boat trip across the lake and admire the beamingly bright saris of the women washing clothes on the ghats. Then enjoy a rooftop dinner with a backdrop of glittering lights reflected on the water.”

Palm Cove is an alternative to the better-known Port Douglas. Pic: Marlin Waters

Palm Cove in Queensland also made the list, described as a peaceful alternative to the better-known Port Douglas.

At Palm Cove, couples can “pick a secluded spot on the long, white sandy beach and watch the sun set over the calm waters with the sounds of the rainforest behind [them]”.

Meanwhile, Akaroa, a small town in New Zealand’s South Island is great for its “breath-taking, rugged scenery”. The list quoted: “In contrast to its dramatic volcanic surroundings, the town itself has a sleepy and distinctly Gallic feel thanks to its history as a French settlement.”


Akaroa is known for its its “breath-taking, rugged scenery”. Pic: Otahuna Lodge

Couples also have the rare chance to swim with dolphins, or simply sit on the rickety wooden pier to take in the sweeping views.

Here’s the full list of’s list of most romantic locations (this list is not ranked):

  • Palm Cove, Australia
  • Barichara, Columbia
  • Třeboň, Czech Republic
  • Collioure, France
  • Delft, Holland
  • Udaipur, India
  • Akaroa, New Zealand
  • Monsaraz, Portugal

Despite the number of secluded, still-unspoiled islands and charming towns in southeast Asia, no country in the region made the list.

What are some of the other (alternative) romantic locations would you have liked to see in the list? Let us know in the comments below.