Angkor Wat admission fees will double in 2017

Single-day ticket prices will increase to US$37. Source: Wikimedia Commons

FOR most visitors, the Angkor temple complex is a must-see when travelling in the region. However, starting next year, they’ll have to cough up a bit more cash in order to enter the sacred site.

The Cambodian government has announced that the price of single-day tickets to the complex will be increased to US$37 starting February next year – almost twice the previous amount, which was US$20.

As for the price of a seven-day ticket, it will be upped to US$72 from US$60. However, the 7-day ticket is valid for one month.

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Cambodian citizens, as well as foreigners of Cambodian birth or whose parents are Cambodian, are exempt from paying the entrance fee, as well as foreign children under 12 years old.

No explanation was given for the increase, but the government said US$2 from each ticket sold will be donated to a Swiss-owned children’s hospital, Kantha Bopha, which provides free treatment to patients.

Last year, about 2.1 million tourists visited Angkor Wat, the spiritual center of the Khmer empire that dominated the region from the 9th to 15th centuries.

In the first six months of the year, Angkor Wat earned US$31.2 million from ticket sales to foreign tourists.

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This story first appeared on Asian Correspondent. Additional reporting by Associated Press