Millennials are enjoying the ‘airport experience’ more than their parents are

Millennial travelers are swayed by factors such as food and beverage options at airports

IT seems that millennial travelers are more easily affected by their experience at airports compared with the generations that precede them.  

Loyalty marketing agency ICLP has revealed data about the factors that determine how travelers choose airports, and it was found that 58 percent of millennials savor their pre-flight time in airports compared to 42 percent of baby boomers.

These results could indicate that many millennials herald the airport experience as a precursor to their holidays or business trips.

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ICLP released in a statement: “When it comes to attracting the much-courted millennial passenger, the rules are changing and a new approach is required.”

Interestingly, millennials are also swayed by the choice of food and beverage (47 percent of millennials vs 33 percent of baby boomers), and airport loyalty programs (41 percent of millennials vs 31 percent of baby boomers).

The young ‘uns are also affected by factors such as access to airport lounges, and dining and shopping discounts. Choice of retailers too seemed to be prioritized by 39 percent of millennials compared with a mere 20 percent of baby boomers.

Managing director of ICLP said, “This survey highlights the need for airports to identify those passengers who have a choice in the airport they travel from, and understand the factors that are particularly important to that group.

“This is key to communicating with passengers more effectively, motivating customers to return to an airport and ensuring that an airport is in the running at times when the customer has a choice.”

He added that the survey results could help airports drive sales from untapped markets through airport loyalty programs, considering that only a handful of them globally have a loyalty strategy.

The survey was conducted by independent research agency SSC, and had a sample of over 2,900 respondents.

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