New Zealand targets Muslim travelers with new halal guide

Muslim travelers don’t have to settle for fish and chips all the time. Pic: Tourism New Zealand

THE New Zealand Tourism Board has released a halal food guide for Muslim tourists, a handy document that highlights some of the best halal food options in the country.

The guide was put together to prove that New Zealand cuisine goes beyond fish and chips and barbecues. Lesser known to the tourist eye, Pacific Rim cuisine includes fresh seafood, cheeses, and the country’s signature lamb.

The guide compiles a list of halal-certified restaurants and cafés as well as general tourist information.

Steven Dixon, Tourism New Zealand’s regional manager of south and southeast Asia, says the guide’s aim is to offer Muslim visitors a memorable visit to New Zealand and to maximize their enjoyment of the country’s high-quality food experiences.

“We acknowledge how important access to information about suitable dining options is to the overall experience of our Muslim visitors.”

The food guide is available for download on the Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia editions of Tourism New Zealand’s official site.

A few months ago, a free app was launched to point Muslim travelers in the direction of halal food options in cities like Seoul, Tokyo and Bangkok.

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Findings by Amadeus presented at the recent Arabian Travel Market revealed that the halal travel market is set to grow by 50 percent in volume and 35 percent in value by 2020.

Halal travel is also expected to hit 150 million travelers with an estimated spending of US$200 billion by 2020. It’s one of the fastest growing travel segments in the world, growing at 4.8 percent against the industry average of 3.8 percent.

The report on halal travelers highlights three core themes that span the key drivers of travel – cultural experiences, accommodation needs and activity preferences.