Plans underway to mold Shanghai into world’s leading ‘global city’

Shanghai aims to become the world’s leading economic, innovation and cultural center by 2040

SHANGHAI is set for “global excellence” by 2040, and aims to become the world’s leading economic, innovation and cultural center.

A draft plan was recently laid out where plans for the city to become a hub for aviation, railway and shipping were outlined. Specifically, the city wants to handle about 160-180 million passengers annually of which 20 percent will be connecting passengers, and 40 percent will be international tourists.

It plans to nearly double passenger traffic at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the smaller Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport by 2040.

The city has also set a goal of handling 45 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in Shanghai ports by 2040, with an international container transfer rate of about 10 percent.

Zhu Dajian, urban development expert from Tongjin University said that Shanghai has always positioned itself as a global city.

“Strategically, it’s China’s gateway in terms of flow of goods and people, and it has always been in competition with other key hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong.”

There will also be a population cap of 25 million residents, which could help in controlling the state of the environment.

According to Bloomberg, the draft plan is open for public input until September 21.

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