Your days of getting ripped off by Halong Bay cruise companies are over

Booking a cruise in Halong Bay is now a stress-free process. Pic: Efendi Kwok/flickr

GETTING ripped off when booking a cruise in Halong Bay is something of a rite of passage for many tourists.

To streamline the process of booking a cruise in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a new site compiling and aggregating all the cruise options was recently launched.

Halong Hub partners with some of the highest rated cruise companies in Halong, and lists them on the site to allow for easy price comparisons. This way, tourists can simply book their desired room in real time without having to knock on agencies’ doors.

DK Long, co-founder of Halong Hub, said, “Dishonest agents and various local companies do not always offer the highest quality of service. Visitors are frustrated by bad tour agents, overcharging and inadequate quality of service.”

By connecting all cruise companies through one single system and maintaining a close working relationship with all of them, we ensure that we are able to offer travellers the highest standards and a truly memorable experience, for the right reasons, and most importantly for the right price.”

The site also features a live chat system, daily updated inventory and deals, secure payment options, and detailed search options for cruise itineraries by length, dates, prices and star ratings.

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