The world’s first robot suitcase can navigate airport crowds without losing you

ANOTHER week, another “revolutionary” invention in the luggage world.

Recently, a new robotic, autonomous suitcase called Travelmate will soon be unveiled in the market following a crowd-funding campaign.

Fitted with omnidirectional wheels, the case has the ability to move both vertically and horizontally while steering clear of obstacles along the way.

It will glide next to you and match the speed in which you move, but is capped at a maximum speed capacity of eight km/h.

Much like a well-trained pet, it also has the ability to follow you around, respond to commands, and help carry your things.


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The bag functions via artificial intelligence (AI) technology that dynamically adjusts to new environments, and is synced to a smartphone application while in operation.

China News reports that the smartphone application is similar to the autopilot feature that’s found in Tesla cars.

Other features include directional turn and stop signals, a removable battery which you can use to charge your electronics, a portable laptop stand, a smart lock system, a GPS chip to locate your bag if missing, and an in-built scale to weigh your bag.

After the funding campaign, the bags are expected to hit the market in 2017. Prices begin from US$399 for a small-sized bag, and go up to US$595 for a large case.

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