The Earth Awaits: Discover new cities in your budget

The Earth Awaits helps you find the perfect destination to suit your travel budget. Pic via Pixabay.

SO we’ve all heard that old adage about how travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

While that’s well and good, the simple truth is this: Globetrotting can cost a pretty penny.

Even those willing to fork out wads of cash for that five-star experience should consider the most strategic way to spend that travel budget, especially if you’re planning a holiday that stretches on for months.

So here’s some great news for the digital nomad: there’s an easy solution to this.

There’s now a nifty little online tool designed to help you find the perfect place for your summer sojourn with family or friends, or both, based on your budget and travel preferences.

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The Earth Awaits, launched just last month, is especially useful for long-term travelers like students or work-weary employees taking a gap year, retirees or anyone else with an irrepressible wanderlust.


It not just offers you holiday destination suggestions, it does this by looking at your estimated monthly travel spend, your family size as well as your lifestyle preference.

Those considering migration might do well to use the tool too, and all you’d have to do is select which part of the world you might consider moving to, and filter your choice according to city, country and continent.

The application also allows you to narrow down your search by providing you detailed information about each city, including population size, weather and even quality of healthcare and internet speed.

The application helps you look for the perfect travel destination according to your budget and lifestyle preference. Pic via Facebook.

“Way more importantly, once you find a city (or cities) that you’re interested in, you can edit that budget to suit you perfectly, learn about the city and country, and begin to plan your big escape abroad,” says an explanatory note in the site’s About section.

“The Earth Awaits uses up-to-date cost of living information to give accurate estimates for housing, food, and entertainment budgets in your new home.

“The date is crowdsourced from those who live or have lived in each city. The cost of living date is updated from Numbeo every night to keep all budget estimates as accurate as possible,” the note adds.

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And that’s not all, the application is free!

According to the latest updates to the application this month, The Earth Awaits now offers a map view and does currency conversions for the US Dollar, British pound, Euros, Swiss Francs, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar and Singapore dollar.