These eco-resorts in Laos are nestled in the thick of jungles, villages and islands

The River Resort is a unique riverside experience. Pic: River Resort

LAOS is a good place to start if you want to feed into green tourism. The country puts in conscientious effort to position itself as a world-recognized destination that emphasizes sustainable tourism.

However, don’t be misled into thinking that eco-friendly travel means you have to forgo comfort and style – there are many resorts in Laos that offer the best of both worlds while offering you an experience that’s unique to Laos’ nature and cultural heritage.

River Resort

Pic: Agoda

If you’re looking for a riverside experience, the River Resort at Champasak Province is the perfect option. Located just eight kilometers from the World Heritage site of Wat Phou, this five-star resort offers a series of bamboo-furnished villas overlooking the Mekong River.

The resort is set within three hectares of vast landscapes that includes a private Parkland home to indigenous flora and fauna.

Staying true to its eco-friendly ethos, the resort uses solar-heated hot water, cultivates rice and vegetable gardens with organic matter from their compost pit, and recycles their non-organic refuse.

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Zen Namkhan Boutique Resort

Pic: Vossy

Described as an intimate resort with a fusion of zen and Epicurean philosophies, the Zen Namkhan Boutique Resort indulges guests in a serene jungle experience without losing the luxury touch.

You’ll be in for a multitude of sensorial experiences where you’ll be treated to the hum of the Namkhan River, birdsongs, and trumpeting elephants from a distance, all which are accompanied by the calm ambiance that surrounds this resort.

Zen Namkhan also features an ecological chlorine-free pool – the first in southeast Asia – that is equipped to purify water through a reed-bed and aeration system. Using herbs and produce from their organic garden, the resort serves up a range of low-salt, low-fat, gluten-free and lactose-free healthy cuisine.

La Folie

Pic: Remote Lands

Nestled in seclusion within Don Daeng, an island resting on Mekong River, La Folie offers majestic vistas from almost every direction.

Fronting a large sandy beach, the resort overlooks the Linga Parvata mountain views on one side and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wat Phou on the other. Guests can choose from 26 stilted wooden bungalows or go for a separate two-bedroom villa for more privacy.

Touted as a “luxury Robinson Crusoe experience“, you can expect a combination of island adventure and luxurious pleasure at La Folie. A resort that puts emphasis on sustainability, La Folie continuously takes steps to protect Don Daeng’s rich local culture and environment through waste composting and recycling, protection of local architecture, and green planting.

Muang La Lodge

Pic: Dao Travel

First built in 2008 to help the local tribal community, Muang La Lodge offers a unique experience of northern Laos by blending local village life with modern comforts.

Tucked in the remote hills of the rainforest in the north, it takes a bit of effort to get here, but once you arrive, it’s well worth the trip. You’ll get views of the jungle valley and the serene Nam Pak river as well as sights of the villagers going about their daily activities.

There are ten rooms constructed from wood and bamboo as well as a thermal spring pool. Sustainability is very much at the heart of Muang La’s operations – local villagers are trained and recruited, while materials used for the resort are locally sourced.

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