Indonesia makes an appearance at North Korean food festival

INDONESIA’S cuisine is some of the most complex in Asia, and in a bid to showcase the country’s delicious offerings, the Indonesian Embassy in Pyongyang joined a culinary festival and sports competition held in the North Korean capital.

The Antara news agency reported that Indonesian representatives served an array of the archipelago’s delicacies such as nasi goreng ikan teri (fried rice with anchovies), mie goreng bakso ikan (fried noodles served with fish balls), dadar gulung (Indonesian crepes), pudding, and Indonesian bottled juices.

Second secretary of the Indonesian Embassy in Pyongyang, Sukamto, said the food and beverages received positive feedback from the diplomat community, as well as from North Korean delegates.

Sukamto said, “The food was sold in less than an hour. But it didn’t stop visitors to revisit our stand.”

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The Jakarta Post added that the Indonesian government hopes to strengthen ties with North Korea, as well as other international organizations in North Korea.

The event was held in Rungra People’s Sports Park, May Day Stadium, Pyongyang, and was hosted by the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Currently, Indonesians are only permitted to visit North Korea through authorized guided tours. Sanctioned travel agencies will sort out visas, flights and tours.

Visitors must be accompanied by a tour guide at all times, and a standard five-day tour could cost upwards of US$1,900.

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