Bean there, done that: The rise of Bangkok’s third-wave coffee scene

Roots in Ekkamai is the whole package

THERE’S no doubt that the third-wave coffee scene is sweeping across Asia. While still on the cusp of its journey, Bangkok’s scene too has seen a remarkable growth.

Thailand has seen a remarkable growth in its coffee culture in the last few years, not only in the farming of exquisite beans in Chiang Mai, but also in the way people consume the drink in a city as trendy as Bangkok.

While there’s nothing wrong with traditional Thai coffee loaded with condensed milk, exciting new trends in the third-wave coffee scene are more apparent in the range of cafes.

Here’s where to go when in Bangkok.

Roots Coffee Roaster


With a short and precise menu, highly experienced staff, and an industrial-themed space, Roots in Ekkamai is the whole package.

They serve their cold brew straight from a tap the way you would with beer. Their signature cold brews are flavored with innovative toppings like coconut and cocoa, and in taste, they deliver too.

Gallery Drip Coffee


Given its artistic style, this cafe is befittingly placed in an art gallery called Bangkok Gallery in Pathum Wan. The counter has a series of pour-over kits placed across its length, and houses the cafe’s efficient baristas.

Here, there are no whizzing sounds, no gigantic machinery, just the drip-drip music of the freshly ground beans juicing out the coffee.

Phil Coffee Company


Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this roastery is located in a residential locality in southeast Bangkok.

The fragrance of the freshly roasted beans is apparent the moment you step in. Apart from amazing house blends, they also have single origins from across the globe. Ask the barista for their single origin of the day to brighten up your day.

Brave Roasters


Placed in a shy corner of a mall with a wide window view of the zany world outside, Brave Roasters is a great space to while those hours away.

Try the delicious cold brew served in a slinky whiskey like jar; whether you have it neat or on the rocks, you’ll be impressed.