You can now book local experiences, tours and outings on Airbnb

Travelers can book trips and experiences in new cities to ‘live like a local’. Pic: Airbnb

AIRBNB is broadening its horizons by allowing users to book tours, activities and outings offered by hosts.

The company site highlighted that the new app will “add experiences and local trips on the spot while you’re on the go” as well as “access unique experiences, incredible homes, and local favorites”.

Some of the experiential trips currently listed include surfing with an adventurer in Los Angeles, cycling around Miami with a local digital marketer, learning the art of pottery renewal, or kintsugi, with a Japanese master, and visiting little-known street markets in the heart of London with a local food expert.

The new app allows travelers to book “immersions” or “experiences”, with the former lasting many days, and the latter taking up only a few hours.

Users can also choose experiences based on categories they’re more inclined to such as nature, food, entertainment, arts or social impact.

Brian Chesky, the chief executive and co-founder of Airbnb, said that Trips helps travelers “immerse in local experiences”. As exemplified by this ad, the company actively promotes the idea of “living” in a new place rather than merely “going” there.

Chesky added, “If you want to have an amazing trip, you end up basically on a research project. You’re in line, you’re lonely, you’re outside, and you’re doing things locals never do.

If you have a passion, an interest, or a hobby, you can share your community with others in the world.”

At the moment, Airbnb is launching in 12 major cities including Tokyo, Paris, Havana, Miami, Florence, New York, and San Francisco, but the app will be launched in some additional 50 cities next year.

At the moment, Airbnb is in hot water in a few major locations around the world including South Korea and New York as clashes with local rental laws mount.

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