Sleep on it: These comfy travel pillows are designed for long-haul flights

Sleeping on airplanes doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Pic: Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock

ONE of the longest non-stop flights currently servicing is the Dallas to Sydney route on Qantas. It takes a bum-numbing 16 hours and 55 minutes and will see you travel 8,578 miles in one go.

But while not all long-haul flights are this epic, they can still prove a challenge for even frequent flyers.

If you’re a business traveler, you are no doubt familiar with the struggles of trying to get some sleep in aircraft cabin conditions. But fear not; these inventive travel pillows have been thoughtfully designed to ensure you have a more comfortable experience onboard.

The J-pillow

Pic: Traveling Monarch

If you are a forward sleeper, the award-winning J-pillow will provide you some much-needed relief from neck pain and stiffness.

The ‘J’-shaped pillow rests under your chin and fits around your neck in the space between your head and shoulders; providing support from the back, side and front. This anatomical design ensures that you maintain good posture so you can take a nap safe in the knowledge that you won’t overstretch your neck muscles.

The J-pillow has a 3D filling so you can easily compress it to fit into your hand luggage, but it quickly regains its shape once removed.


If you are easily disturbed by the noise and activity of a bustling plane cabin, the Wrap-a-nap has the perfect 3-in-1 solution for you.

Made of a soft, plush fleece material with a synthetic down filling, you can wear it around your neck to cradle your head while you sleep or read. Or, you can use it as an eye mask and earmuff to block out light and dull noise.

As it is multi-functional, you can use the Wrap-a-nap just about anywhere, which is useful if your flight gets delayed and you have to spend extra time at the airport terminal.

The Cabeau Evolution pillow


If you are looking for greater support, try the Cabeau Evolution pillow.

Made from responsive memory foam, it molds to your neck, supporting your head from underneath without pushing it forwards. When in use, the drawstring tie prevents the pillow gaping open ensuring you are always well-supported even on long and turbulent journeys.

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Travelrest All-In-One Ultimate travel pillow


The Travelrest All-In-One Ultimate travel pillow is ideal if you prefer to sleep over to one side.

Unlike many pillows, it can be placed horizontally and features a tether cord which is worn over your shoulder and attaches to the seat to prevent it slipping.

The All-In-One Ultimate inflates quickly in only three to four puffs so you can put it to work in less than a minute. It also comes with memory foam inserts for added comfort and support should you need it.

The Ostrich Pillow


The Ostrich pillow may have a wacky design, but its polystyrene bead filling makes it extremely comfortable.

Worn over your head, it creates a cocoon-like environment blocking out light and reducing noise. The pillow’s original and innovative design contours to the shape of your neck, cushioning and supporting your head so you can rest on anything while you doze.

It also has two handy arm holes making it easier to sleep face down. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting too warm as the outer material is breathable.

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