Feeling a connection: Pocket WiFi is a stress-free way to stay online when abroad

Pic: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

TRAVELING abroad can impose exorbitant data roaming charges or leave you perplexed by studying overseas phone plans.

The battery-powered pocket WiFi averts all that stress, with you only having to carry a small device in your pocket the entire trip.


ThaiSmileConnect is the most reliable pocket WiFi service in Thailand, if only for its unlimited bandwidth. Pick-up service is available from Suvarnabhumi International Airport’s Post Office (BKK) or from any major hotel.

When in central Bangkok, make use of the new ‘rush hotel delivery service’ where your packaged device is delivered to your hotel on the same day or the next depending on the time of order.

Each device can also connect up to five gadgets, great for travelers carrying multiple devices. A bonus: A powerbank is thrown in on all orders.


Wiyo is making waves for its door-to-door delivery system. A day before your trip, the team from Wiyo will dispatch a device straight to your home or office, and collect it from you the day after your return.

This way, you have one less thing to worry about when packing for a business trip. The service covers connection in up to 30 countries; while some of them impose 500MB caps, others offer unlimited access.


Also popular with locals traveling out of Vietnam, Star Telecom offers pocket WiFi out of anywhere in the country. Delivery times may take up to four days, so it’s best to place your order a week in advance of your trip.

As of now, the company only caters to those traveling to select Asian countries, as well as the U.K., the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

Although the pocket WiFi is a convenient tool, those traveling into Vietnam for a long period will find it cheaper to obtain a local SIM card and purchasing a data plan.


If traveling to China for business, request a MiFi mobile hotspot from 3G Solutions straight to your hotel room.

Not all hotels provide free WiFi so it’s handy to carry a mobile data device in your pocket.

To monitor your data usage, an on-screen traffic counter is available at all times. Bear in mind that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are banned in China unless aided by proxy server providers.


Rentafi is Singapore’s first pocket WiFi service, and arguably the best. The devices have long battery lives of up to 10 hours, and can connect up to five devices at one go.

Loyal customers have praised the service’s quick connection as well as the service from the technical support team.

The team will not only replace your device if you have a complaint, but also provide free set-up and configuration services.

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