These detox retreat programs will have you recharged for the year ahead

Shake off 2016 with a detox retreat. Pic: The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

AS many experienced “wellness tourists” would tell you, detox retreats can help you unplug and help you realign your focus. 

Generally, detox sessions offer a wealth of benefits. Other than helping you to reset your physical health by cleansing and rejuvenating your internal systems, detox retreats also contribute to your emotional health.

In some resorts, guests can also customize their detox sessions to target certain health areas. Here are a few detox programs offered in resorts in Asia and how they can help you achieve your health goals in the year ahead.

The Banjaran Detoxification Program, Ipoh, Malaysia

Traditional Malay massage therapies are applied. Pic: The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

Featuring a combination of Malay therapies and holistic treatments, The Banjaran Detoxification program at the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Ipoh, Malaysia offers a truly comprehensive program for those who are looking for a wholesome way to eliminate toxins and stress from their body.

Guests are treated to daily meals made from nourishing and replenishing ingredients. You can also select from a variety of specialist detox treatments including an organic detoxing facial, a detox hydro bath or an aromatherapy detox massage.

In the program, you can also try out Reiki sessions, traditional Malay urut massage and many other unique therapies.

SwaSwara Detox, India

Set amidst India’s beautiful countryside and only a stone’s throw away from the Om beach, SwaSwara offers a unique detox program that taps into your body’s natural process.

Guests are put on a cleansing juice diet to rid the body of toxins and daily Ayurveda healing treatments are offered to complement the process.

You can also take part in the program’s relaxing music meditation or explore different yogic cleansing methods to achieve a greater peace of mind.

Additionally, there are scenic boat cruises along with a variety of wellness activities including healthy cooking classes, arts and crafts sessions, as well as guided nature walks.

Soneva Kiri Weight Loss & Detox Program, Thailand & Maldives

Lose weight in style at Soneva Kiri. Pic: Travel + Style

If you’ve been looking for healthy ways to lose weight, the weight loss and detox program in Soneva Kiri may just be your answer.

Based on their wellness approach: “S.L.O.W. L.I.F.E.” (Sustainable Local Organic Wellness Learning Inspiring Fun Experiences), the program helps you to look into the physical and emotional issues that are associated with your weight problems and provide you with ample guidance on living a healthier lifestyle.

You can also expect expert consultations and specialist wellness treatments as well as complimentary access to the resort’s fitness facilities.

Additionally, there are also Yogic Detox sessions for yoga enthusiasts. Known to be relaxing and rejuvenating, these sessions combine different Hatha yogic postures complemented by pranayama, meditation and a balanced diet along with energy treatments.

The Farm at San Benito’s Detox Cleanse, Philippines

The resort specializes in raw vegan cuisine. Pic: The Farm At San Benito

Raw diets play an important role in The Farm’s healthy detox cleanse program. Located in the Philippines, The Farm At San Benito is a premier wellness resort nestled in the heart of a lush coconut plantation with serene waterfalls nearby.

The resort specializes in raw vegan cuisine, so every guest signed up for their detox program are required to follow a personalized nutrient-rich detox diet that is aimed at restoring the body’s natural processes.

There are also personal workout sessions followed by colon hydrotherapy sessions and natural holistic spa therapies. If you have any health-related concerns, a medical doctor is on standby to answer your questions and give you the guidance you need.

Fivelements’ Tri Kaya Parisudha Retreat, Bali

Guests can opt for traditional healing treatments. Pic: PathWay

Inspired by the ancient Balinese way of life to practice pure thought, speech and action, the Tri Kaya Parisudha Retreat is an exclusive signature cleansing program at Fivelements, a luxury wellness resort, in Bali.

Administered by Fivelement’s experienced staff, guests can expect traditional healing treatments that would aid in detoxifying and purifying not just the physical body but also the mind and soul.

In this program, living foods for detoxification, nutrition and vitality as well as Sacred Arts sessions are also included to promote better well-being inside out. Available for individuals, couples and small groups, guests can opt for seven, 10, or 14-night stays.