Love is in the air: New dating app helps you chat up strangers in-flight

The ‘Tinder for air travel’ is designed to help passengers on the same flight meet each other. Pic:

IF you’ve ever regretted not going up to the mystery man on row five, a new app will ease that process for you in the future.

AirDates, the new “Tinder for air travel” is designed to help passengers connect in-flight and chat to other people. reported that the app encourages users to upload their travel itineraries so that they can arrange meet-ups at the airport, the business lounge, or aboard the plane.

When chatting in the air, the app uses Multipeer Wifi connectivity between smartphones, and doesn’t need in-flight Wifi to operate.

Getting chatted up by a stranger on a plane and sharing itineraries online may pose safety issues for women, but CEO Michael Richard argued that the inside of a plane is “the safest place to have a date”.

He also said being near other people eliminates the risk of danger. Women who are threatened or harassed can block all communication with a user if they wish to.

The company is also considering to allow only female users to initiate conversations with a stranger to avoid abusive behavior that would discourage users.

Richard added that the app will integrate with other social media platforms including Facebook, Spotify and Pinterest.

Meanwhile, btrfly is also designed to connect, chat up, and meet travelers at the airport instead of simply waiting around for your flight.

To sign in and connect with other travelers through in-app messaging, users need to tap in their flight details. Through the app, travelers can see other users who are in the vicinity as well as their flight details to gauge the time they have left in the airport before boarding.

Travelers can also make friendly connections if flying solo, catch up with old friends, or establish new business contacts. Users can even coordinate flight seat arrangements or plan to split a cab at their destination if they wanted to.

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