Rail fares in Singapore are some of the cheapest in the world

Many Singaporeans are dependent on the MRT for their daily commute. Pic: PK.Inspiration_06/Shutterstock

SINGAPORE might be one of the most expensive cities in Asia for expats, but public transport fares in the island country are recorded as some of the lowest in the world. 

A recent study by Singapore’s SIM University compares the country’s rail fares against 35 major cities across Asia, Europe, and North America.

The study found that only a handful of countries – namely Guangzhou, Shenzen, and Taipei – have lower transport fares than Singapore for train trips of the same distance.

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The data – which was released by the Public Transport Council (PTC) – looked at two key points of measure: the lowest rail fares and fares at 10km of travel for each city.

Singapore’s lowest rail fare was SGD0.77 (about US$0.53) while an average 10km journey was SGD1.33 (about US$0.92). Comparatively, the lowest rail fare in Melbourne was upwards of US$1.40, almost double that of Singapore’s.

In a statement by PTC, chairman Richard Magnus said, “Within Asia, the rail fares in Singapore are amongst the lowest, while rail fares in cities like Tokyo and Seoul lie on the higher end of the spectrum in Asia.

Pic: PTC

“We look forward to 30 December 2016 when our fares will be simplified and lowered for all card fares.”

At the end of the year, overall fares for bus and train trips will be will be cut by 4.2 percent. Straits Times reported that on Dec 30, fares will be leveled down so commuters pay the same amount for the same distance, regardless of whether they hop on a train line that is underground or above ground.

According to data from the Land Transport Authority, an average of 2.8 million riders rode the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) daily, making up 42 percent of the total number of public transport users.

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