You can now travel by seaplane directly to remote islands in the Philippines

Getting to remote islands can sometimes eat into hours of holiday time. Pic: smallhorse/Shutterstock

GETTING to secluded islands in the Philippines can sometimes involve many stop-overs, transits, and changing of transport modes which eat into your holiday time.

As reported by Travel Daily Media, local aviation company Air Juan will use its nine-seat Cessna Carawan Amphibian aircraft to provide direct daily access to islands such as Boracay, Coron, Puerto Galera, and Subic.

Unlike an airport service where passengers are required to check-in well before the departure time, the seaplane has a dockside check-in facility which requires passengers to be on-site only 30 minutes before departure.

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Tina Di Cicco, Air Juan’s chief marketing officer, said, “This direct daily service allows travelers to reach their resorts much faster, which means they can spend more time enjoying the destination and less on the road.

“Currently, getting to these destinations from Manila means either a long drive through traffic or a combination of sea and land transportation. With our direct daily service, the travel time to these destinations is cut by as much as six hours.”

She added that the new service will help to reduce “congestion at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport”.

If you have a few more dollars to splash, Air Juan also offers private charter flights to island destinations across the country.

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