Ho Chi Minh issues ‘code of conduct’ following cases of bad behavior

Many tourist gondolas travel through the Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe canal in Ho Chi Minh. Pic: Vietnamese Photographer/Shutterstock

TOURISM authorities in Ho Chi Minh have issued a “code of conduct” aimed at tourists, visitors, and locals.

The leaflets advise people to respect local culture, protect the environment, as well as help the elderly and disabled.

It also warns against disrespecting cultural and historical landmarks, and littering food and beverage items in the city.

The fan-folded handbooks will be made available in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian, and will be distributed in airports, local hotels, tourist information desks, travel agencies, and diplomatic bodies.

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On top of that, the messages will be made into video and broadcast on TV, radio, at the airport, on tourist buses, and in hotels.

The decision to issue guides was triggered by a series of incidents involving visitors throwing rocks and bottles of urine at tourist gondolas crossing through the city’s Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe canal.

As also reported by the Department of Tourism, boats often get caught in illegal fishing lines along the canal banks.

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In a separate incident on December 20, a tourist boat along the canal near the Bong Bridge was chased by locals drinking on a nearby boat, who also hurled rocks and vulgar words at victims on the gondola.

Attackers then mounted motorbikes and chased the boat for a few hundred meters before being cut off. Fortunately, no tourists were hurt during the incident.

The code follows a set of rules recently issued in the tourist-heavy areas of Da Nang and Nha Trang. A similar scheme is expected to be carried out in Hanoi and Hoi An in the future.

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