Qantas is most punctual airline in Asia-Pacific region

Pic: PomInOz/Shutterstock

A NEW report by UK travel analysts OAG revealed that Qantas Airways is the most punctual airline among all Asia-Pacific carriers in 2016.

The Aussie airline – which operated about 268,000 flights last year – recorded a consistent 87.56 percent punctuality rate, beaten only by Hawaiian Airlines, Copa Airlines, and KLM.

Following Qantas is Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines, both which recorded 86.74 percent and 85.19 average of on-time performances respectively. Australia’s other major airline, Virgin Australia, came in fifth in Asia-Pacific.

Meanwhile, among Asia-Pacific airports, Juanda International in Surabaya topped the rankings with an on-time rate of 90.3 percent, also qualifying it as the best performing large airport in the world, as it handles an excess of 10 million passengers annually.

Osaka Itami, Cairns, Brisbane, and Perth followed Juanda in the airport rankings, while Birmingham and Newcastle had the best records globally.

John Grant, senior analyst at OAG, said, “Whether it is a 17-hour long-haul service or a one-hour connecting flight to a hub, the accuracy of both scheduling the service and delivering the stated on-time performance is incredible, especially when compared to so many other forms of transport.

“With growing consumer choice for airlines and airports, punctuality has become an increasingly important factor in choosing travel options for both business and leisure travelers.

“Airlines and airports understand this and it’s great to see how much focus they are now placing on this key service differentiator.”

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