Singapore Airlines to launch more flights with premium economy seats

Singapore Airlines premium economy class on board Airbus A350. Pic: Christian Heinz/Shutterstock

AMID increasing demand for luxury travel among millennial travelers, Singapore Airlines (SIA) will be rolling out more aircrafts built with premium economy seats.

Straits Times reported that the carrier will introduce more premium economy options to cater to travelers’ needs for extra comfort, especially on long-haul routes.

At the moment, four in 10 SIA planes offer the premium economy seats which offer added legroom and a more premium menu compared with economy seats.

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SIA isn’t the only carrier to carry out premium economy seats; Cathay Pacific introduced the option in 2012 to meet escalating demand.

Meanwhile, Middle Eastern airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad have so far resisted the trend because some say they’re in the volume game.

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However, others argue that economy class seats on the three main Gulf carriers are a match for their rivals’ premium economy seats.