Asia’s first ‘vertical forest’ to debut in China

Pic: Inhabitat

CHINA is tackling greenhouse gas emissions by constructing two “vertical forest” towers called Nanjing Green Towers.

The towers will be shrouded with 600 tall trees, 500 medium-sized trees, and 2,500 cascading plants and shrubs, taking up 65,000-square-foot worth of space.

The “forest” will also be built with alternating levels of “green tanks and balconies”, and the property is hoped to absorb 25 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

One of the towers will feature a 247-room Hyatt hotel complete with rooftop pool, while the other tower will host offices, a museum, a green architecture school, and a private rooftop club.

Meanwhile, a 60-feet-high podium will serve commercial, recreational, and educational purposes including multi-brand shops, a food market, a conference hall, and exhibition spaces.

The towers are slated to be completed in 2018 and will mark Stefano Boeri Architects’s continuing foray into (SBA) “vertical forests” in Asia. The company was involved in similar projects in Milan and Lausanne.

The firm has plans to build more “vertical forests” in China in cities such as Shijiazhuang, Liuzhou, Guizhou, Shanghai and Chongqing.

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