Emirates upgrades ‘flying bar’ for premium passengers

The airline will be introducing more space for passengers to mingle. Source: Emirates

IN a multi-million-dollar redesign, Emirates is bidding its iconic Airbus A380 in-flight bar goodbye.

The Middle Eastern airline recently revealed its new saloon-style upgrade in a bid to emulate “private yacht cabins”.

The bar’s new look features a horseshoe shape, increased seating with a maximum capacity of 26, tables with window views, ambient lighting and a new champagne-hued palette to replace its dark tones.

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The redesign follows customer feedback calling for more space for to mingle and socialize during long-haul flights.

Bloomberg reported seats are equipped with seat belts so passengers can remain in their seats when facing turbulence.

The new bar design emulates a horseshoe and features a champagne-hued palette. Source: Emirates

A spokesman told Australian Business Traveller  only factory-fresh jets will sport the swanky new bar designs while the rest of the 93-strong superjumbo fleet will make do with the original design.

The revamp comes ahead of a new generation of first class suites airline executives have compared with private railway cabins or a private yacht.

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Emirates CEO Tim Clark said, “We’re talking fully enclosed rooms, with all the touches and amenities you’d expect in a hotel or a private bedroom on a luxury yacht, room service and so on.”

In an uncertain climate, giant Middle Eastern airlines have quite comfortably secured the business travel market by way of premium amenities and services such as in-flight bars, shower services, and frequent price slashes.

Premium Asian airlines like Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific are taking a hit and will inevitably be forced to cut back on luxury amenities to keep up with the competition.

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