Is gentrification killing Bangkok’s street food?

Pic: LennonLand/Shutterstock

BANGKOK is a haven for street food and is incredibly proud of it. But a “clean-up” drive by local government has put the city’s street food vendors in peril of losing their businesses.

On top of that, property developers are also buying out old lots from former blue-collar areas as prices spike and gentrification sweeps the city.

Popular food streets such as Soi 38 in the Sukhumvit neighborhood have closed shop and in its place are loud cranes and traffic cones.

However, not everyone is pessimistic about the future of street food. Dwight Turner of food blog Bangkok Fatty told The Guardian that it is mostly business as usual with only a few popular enclaves affected.

He added: “Bangkokians, along with the municipal government, need to think more about how to preserve and support these institutions that we all agree we love.”

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