Travelers shed light on ‘fake taxis’ at Taiwan airport

Taoyuan Airport chairman Tseng Dar-jen acknowledged “fake taxis” were a “hidden danger” to the airport. Source: Shutterstock

AUTHORITIES are clamping down on the “fake taxi” problem at the arrival halls of Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport after travelers brought the issue to light on social media.

According to a report on The China Post, confusion and chaos ensued at the airport as travelers are often approached by fake taxi drivers looking for business.

One Facebook user accused fake taxi drivers of holding up traffic at the airport while another described the chaos as “unbearable”.

Travelers have urged Taoyuan Airport chairman Tseng Dar-jen to address and repair the situation.

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In response to the kerfuffle, Tseng acknowledged “fake taxis” were a “hidden danger” to the airport and was a “stain that needed cleaning up”. He said the “the root of the situation is quite complicated”.

Uber has failed to break into Taiwan’s market especially with a recent seizure of the company’s assets over unpaid business taxes.

According to Taiwan News, a war has been waging between Uber and the Taiwan government for years, which escalated to the suspension of the ride-hailing service in Taiwan.

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