Singapore most livable for Asian expats, Australian cities trail closely

Despite a drop in overall living conditions, Singapore remains a favorite for Asian expats. Source: Blake Wisz/Unsplash

ONCE again, Singapore has topped a livability and quality of life index. Based on a recent Location Ratings survey by ECA International, the island city is the most livable location in Asia Pacific for Asian expats.

The survey measured overall living conditions of expatriates including factors like climate, availability of health services, housing and utilities, isolation, political tension, personal safety, and access to social network and leisure facilities.

ECA International Asia regional director Lee Quane said in a statement: “With low crime rates, decent medical facilities and excellent infrastructure, it comes as no surprise why Singapore tops our rankings time and time again.”

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Despite Singapore’s performance, its position is likely to be compromised due to worsening air pollution.

“We have witnessed a gradual decline in Singapore’s overall quality of living in the past five years due to the deteriorating air pollution situation here, while cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Osaka have all improved in terms of their overall livability,” Quane said.

Tied at second place are Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney – an indicator Australia continues to excel in quality of living and infrastructure offerings.

Australia’s northern city of Darwin, too, rose from 24th spot to 15th spot following a significant improvement in its housing sector.

Japan – also a powerhouse when it comes to livability – sees Osaka as its top city while Nagoya, Tokyo, and Yokohama trail closely.

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Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur, meanwhile, drops out of the top 25 ranking.

Quane said: “In recent years, we have seen an increased threat from terrorism in Malaysia. While the Sabah region is considered particularly dangerous for foreigners, risks have also increased in Kuala Lumpur in recent years.

“The impact of the seasonal forest fires in neighboring Indonesia has also increased in recent years.”

The Location Ratings system evaluates factors based on a range of assessments of the overall quality of living in 470 locations.