Airbnb disrupts market with business-friendly campaign

Although extended stay accommodation also includes ‘aparthotels’and residential suites, the segment is still largely dominated by serviced apartments. Source: Shutterstock

THE indisputable success of Airbnb has caught on in the business travel market, with Airbnb for Business gaining steady popularity as an alternative to traditional corporate hotels.

Recently, the house-sharing company launched a campaign targeted at business travelers. Some of its new services include search-filtering tools that render only listings designated as “business travel-ready”.

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Business-ready properties are located near business districts, provide reliable WiFi, and laptop-friendly workspaces.

On top of that, booking tools allow multiple employees in a company manage reservations and message hosts about questions on the neighborhood.

The site also offers self check-in where guests can access listings using a key lockbox, smartlock, keypad, or doorman any time after the designated check-in time on their arrival date.

Business-friendly receipts also help to streamline the expense process in collaboration with travel management companies (TMCs).

Airbnb, too, records significant savings – up to 30 percent – compared to local four- or five-star hotels where employees are typically put up at.

The platform also proves handy for travelers who are moving to a new city for work. Staying in a short-term Airbnb rental gives them the chance to suss out local neighborhoods and take their time to lock down long-term leases.

Source: Airbnb

According to an Airbnb blog post, employees from more than 250,000 companies – in over 230 countries and territories – have signed up to use Airbnb for work.

In 2016, the number of business trips on Airbnb tripled while nearly 10 percent of trips on Airbnb today are for work.

A recent story on Fortune predicted the company will rake in up to US$3.5 billion a year by 2020, a 3,400 percent increase from what the company had in similar profits last year

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