Myanmar to tax tourists, travelers with business visa soon

myanmar tourist

A tourist buys fruit from a street vendor in Myanmar. The government intends to introduce a tourism tax soon. Pic: Nina Lishchuk/Shutterstock

MYANMAR plans to impose a tourism tax on travelers in a move to fund tourism promotion activities without relying on government funds.

According to Myanmar Times, the Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF) says it could take a few months before the tax is enforced.

“I think it will take about six months for the government to approve it and to go through the procedure before imposing the new tax,” MTF chairman U Yan Win said.

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“The ministry will have to draft a law, which will then be submitted to the State Counsellor for approval,” he said.

Once approved, the law will apply to both tourists and travelers in the country with business visas, but will only be imposed on short-term visits.