In pictures: Indonesian village gets ‘rainbow’ makeover

Over 232 homes in the village are painted in colors of the rainbow. Source: M. Fahmi

SEMARANG’s Wonosari Village, a charming hilly village in Central Java, recently received fresh coats of paint in a bid to attract tourists.

Kampung Pelangi – or Rainbow Village as it has been known – currently features over 232 homes painted in colors of the rainbow.

Slamet Widodo, initiator of the project, told the ABC: “I saw our village looked like a slum. After seeing all the houses are painted, people will be more aware of cleanliness.”

While the entrance of the neighborhood houses a flower market, other areas were poorly maintained.

Inspired by other Indonesian towns that have undergone the color treatment, Slamet set about to inject Wonosari Village with the many shades of a rainbow.

In the past, the small village of Kali Code in Yogyakarta was painted colorful shades as part of an advertising campaign by an international cigarette company.

Tourists – largely domestic – have been visiting Wonosari Village to snap photos of the now-whimsical village portrait.

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