China’s richest man to build world’s biggest indoor ski resort

Harbin, China, is known as the city of ice, according to Wang. Source: Shutterstock

TYCOON Wang Jianlin’s new US$6 billion resort in Harbin opened its doors last week – his sixth theme park in his bid to take over Disney in the country’s premier entertainment and leisure industry.

Harbin Wanda City will be the world’s biggest indoor ski resort, allowing Harbin a year-long “winter”. According to South China Morning Post, the resort features “Russian architecture, a movie cineplex and a grand piano-shaped indoor ski resort”.

“Harbin is known as the city of ice, which also happens to be the main theme of this resort, so we will together provide winter sports throughout the year,” Wang said.

“Wanda aims to make this city’s operation first-class in the world and make Harbin a world-class tourist destination.”

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Last year, during an interview with a Chinese talk show, Wang showed off his Beijing headquarters, and shared a vision of him destroying his biggest rival, Disney, by outbuilding them. He said he wanted to make Shanghai Disneyland completely “unprofitable in the coming two decades”.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Disneyland is about to set a milestone as the fastest Disney park in the world to break even after only a year of operations.