Millennials have more travel options than ever before – report

In general, millennials are found to be far more well-traveled than baby boomers. Source: Shutterstock

THE growth of low-cost airlines, affordable accommodation and online tourism-related bookings has contributed to a wealth of choice for millennials, who make up a large slice of the pie in the global travel market.

According to a study from online travel agent eDreams, millennials are also traveling at a younger age. Those aged 18-29 embark on their first international holiday by the average age of nine, having experienced an average of four international holidays by the age of 12.

In general, millennials are found to be far more well-traveled than baby boomers.

Head of UK and group external affairs at eDreams Robert McNamara said:

“People are traveling internationally more and they’re starting to do so at a younger age as travel has become more and more accessible.”

He said online booking had evidently encouraged more travel among millennials.

“Travelers now have the ability to browse flight times, hotel options and destinations and book at the touch of a button, at home or even on the go, meaning more people are booking holidays than ever before.”

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The study polled 13,000 respondents and aimed to tabulate the shift in travel habits across various markets.

At the moment, millennials are the most targeted group by travel and hospitality brands. Extensive research has been conducted by the industry to tap into the “elusive” group, which has thereon sparked a trend of specialty products and services.

However, the trend has not come without criticism – some deemed it unfair for a group so wide-ranging in age to be lumped into a singular group.

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