Affordability an important factor for Malaysian travelers – survey

A group of Malaysian tourists pose for photos in Kashmir. Source: isseymatnoh/Shutterstock

A NEW survey revealed that Malaysian millennials are often worried about scoring the best deal when on holiday, and struggle with the surplus of information online.

The survey – which interviewed over 1,000 Malaysian millennials – found that 55 percent of travelers are not sure if they’re getting the best price, 54 percent of respondents are worried about other people’s preferences, while 48 percent are bogged down with too much information.

When choosing a destination, most of the respondents said affordability was a factor followed by the ‘instagrammability’ of a place.

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Jessica Chuang, regional marketing director for Greater China, Southeast Asia & India at, said in a statement: “Malaysians are value-conscious travelers.”

The survey also found that group travel was common among young Malaysians with 91 percent of respondents preferring to travel with family or friends. On top of that, Malaysians tend to choose early planning over spontaneity with 65 percent of respondents planning their holidays months in advance.

In the time spent on planning their trips, millennials spend the most time on deliberating accommodation options.

“We understand that a lot of them use travel planning as an opportunity to bond with their family and friends and a lot of that time is spent on searching for the best stay,” Chuang said.

A separate study by BlackBox Research for Tourism New Zealand showed that Malaysians’ favorite thing to do when on holiday was eating. Trying out local delicacies is important to 80 percent of respondents.