Employers get more control of company’s Uber usage with new feature

UBER FOR BUSINESS introduced a new update that makes it easier for employers to track their employees’ rides and enforce company policies.

Now, companies signed up for Uber for Business can set rules for staff ahead of time, streamlining the process for accounting and HR departments.

According to TechCrunch, managers can easily determine and limit factors in advance including types of car used, total number of riders that can be expensed, the time limits in a day the app can be used as well geographical limits of areas that can be expensed.

This wouldn’t just work for employees on business trips, the new feature could also prove handy for staff who stay back late in the office and are looking to expense their rides.

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Uber for Business head of strategy and marketing Julie Herendeen told Skift, “Revenue on the platform has tripled in 2017 so far. Once customers had an always-on platform for transportation, they were trying to do a whole range of things with Uber, like commutes, late-night rides home, customer rides and more.”

This marks Uber for Business’ first significant upgrade since its debut three years ago. The offshoot was first launched for employers to gain visibility and control over their company’s Uber usage.

Employers can use a central payment account or reimburse employees using a seamless system, making taxi receipts and paper documents obsolete.