Etihad aids Australian police in bomb plot investigation

Etihad is aiding the Australian Federal Police in investigations. Source: Reuters

ETIHAD AIRWAYS will assist the Australian Federal Police with an investigation after an alleged “Islamic-inspired” plot for a bomb attack on a plane was foiled on Monday, Reuters reported.

The police have not yet identified the airline that was allegedly targeted in the plot, but have confirmed that an “improvised device” was in question.

Etihad said in a statement: “The Etihad Airways aviation security team is assisting the Australian Federal Police with its investigation and the matter is ongoing.

“Etihad is complying fully with the enhanced security measures at airports in Australia and monitoring the situation closely.”

The alleged plot involves a bomb or the release of poisonous gas inside a plane, and the suspects are being held without charge under special terror-related powers. One of the four suspects has been released without charge.

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This resulted in heightened airport security in Sydney and Melbourne on Monday which saw queues spill out the door as well as federal and state policemen walking among security lines.

The incident also prompted authorities and airlines to ask travelers to arrive at airports earlier than usual to prepare for additional security measures and screenings.

In other developments, two US officials familiar with the arrests said a developing plot had been detected. One of them told Reuters that the alleged plot was “fairly well along” when it was disrupted by Australian authorities.

Additional reporting by Reuters.