Lonely Planet rolls out Instagram-like photo app

A woman takes a photo of Lake Kawaguchiko against Mount Fuji. Source: Shutterstock/Piyawan Charoenlimkul

IF it’s all about the ‘gram while traveling, Lonely Planet has jumped on the Instagram-inclined bandwagon with a new crowdfunded app called Trips.

According to Engadget, Trips walks users through building their own travel guide complete with pretty photos, text, and maps. Users can select photos to add to their personal guides, as well as insert geotags so that other users can track them.

Similarly to Instagram, users can like other photos, follow profiles, and share material on their own profiles. Users can also add text, headers and captions to photos.

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Lonely Planet CEO Daniel Houghton said Trips was meant to complement Instagram rather than compete with it.

“We understand the modern traveler wants and we have delivered an interactive digital platform that offers an effortless, mobile-first way to document, share and discover remarkable experiences,” he said in a statement.

“Trips is simply the next step in growing Lonely Planet as we continue to pioneer the future of travel.”

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The app comes at a time where more millennials are choosing their travel destinations based on social media channels.

According to Independent, a survey by UK home insurance company Schofields Insurance said 40.1 percent of millennials see a location’s Instagrammability as the most important factor when choosing a holiday destination.