Sydney Airport to roll out new security measures following terror scare

Passengers queuing at Sydney Airport. Source: Shutterstock/ChameleonsEye

A BOMB scare last week prompted Sydney Airport to introduce new guidelines for domestic travelers including restrictions on carrying liquids onboard, biometric ID checks by iris or fingerprint, and full-body scans.

The Weekend Australian reported (via domestic travelers without boarding passes may not be allowed past security, a move that goes in line with United States’ airport security.#

The report said metal detectors in domestic terminals are unable to detect liquids on a person, but full-body scanners will be able to pick it up.

At the moment, senior officials within the federal government are in talks to roll out tighter airport security nationwide following the detainment of four men after police foiled a bomb plot on July 31.

The plot involved a bomb or the release of poisonous gas inside a plane and the suspects were held without charge under special terror-related powers. One of the four suspects has been released without charge.

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The incident also prompted authorities and airlines to ask travelers to arrive at airports earlier than usual to prepare for additional security measures and screenings.

Last week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told reporters the new measures across Australian airports will be managed through “technology and good management”.

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